5 Users that Post Hot Snapchat Stories

Snapchat sexting is sexy but often can prove to be tricky. Here are a few tips to successfully talk dirty when sexting:

1. Let things heat up

One of the most common mistakes men make when Snapchat sexting is that they go from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds. If you’re looking to get off right here, right now then you probably shouldn’t be sexting. It’s extremely unlikely that a girl will send you nudes immediately unless you’re looking to snap cheat. If you are looking for some instant gratification, there is plenty of porn on the internet you can instantaneously use to your advantage.

Women, unlike PornHub, have to be warmed up first. Most of the fun of Snapchat sexting comes from the banter, the flirtation, the cheeky texts. So it’s not really sexting if you send off an explicit message without any warning or build up, now is it?

You need to test the waters first. You need to build up to something steamy. Sexting is a marathon, not a sprint. Send some texts like: “I’m thinking about you… and your body” or “I can’t stop thinking about you, I’m getting no work done… but I have been thinking about how fun it would be if you visited me at work ;)”.

These texts are meant to help you gauge where they’re at mentally. If they respond in a similarly sexy way, then you can take that as a sign for you to cautiously move toward sexting. If she doesn’t answer flirtatiously, hold off. It’s more than likely that if she’s unavailable now that she might be down for a little sexting later in the day… but you never know! Some girls are into sexting in public or at work! It just depends on your girl.

2. Don’t send unsolicited pics

Nothing can send a woman into a rage like an unsolicited dick pic. So do yourself a favor and just don’t snap her one. Dick pics aren’t necessarily loved by all. While you might want to show her exactly what thinking about her or sexting her is doing to you – and your little friend down there – she might not be too keen on seeing your dick in all its veiny glory.

Most women aren’t all that into dick pics. In fact, most women would be exponentially more turned on by one of those outline-in-gray-sweatpants pics than a full-on dick pic.

So when you’re Snapchat sexting continue to test the waters as you go, especially when it comes to gauging her feelings on dick pics and nudes in general. If you’re unsure ask her to send pics or ask if she’d want a pic.

And asking doesn’t have to be unsexy! Effective communication is one of the hottest skills a guy can have.

If you want her to send you some sexy pics say something like: “I want to see your perfect body” or “I can’t stop thinking about your ass”.

And if you want to see how she feels about dick pics, say something cheeky like “Do you want to see what you’re doing to me?”

3. Don’t be basic

I’m sure that if you’ve been on the internet for more than two seconds, you’ve seen the memes about fuck boys and their god-awful sexting.Leram how to sext like a god!

Some classics include wanting to play 20 Questions over text, “What would you do if I was there? Haha ;)” or the classic “Wow, you’re showering without me? ;)”.

Steer clear of unimaginative sexts. There are more creative – and much sexier – ways of asking what she’d do to you if you were there or mentioning that you’d be down for a little shower sex.

Creativity and effort is half of what makes sexts sexy. If you half-ass the whole thing, you can expect her never to respond. Talking dirty requires more than “haha, then what? ;)”.

Say something like: “If you were here with me right now, I would be all over you…” or “You’re fresh out the shower? Imagining you soaking wet and sudsy is doing things to me.”

So if you’ve seen something being made fun of on the internet, maybe try not to send similar texts… because that will guarantee you’ll get made fun of in some girl’s group chat. And believe me, girls are ruthless. Make sure your texting game is well above fuck-boy-level.

4. Take your time when typing

There is nothing worse than reading a sext from someone who got utterly caught up in the moment.

I know that you’re likely using one hand to navigate your phone when you’re sexting – women too understand how difficult is to… multitask – but make sure you give your text a read through before you hit send.

Just one misspelled word can cause some severe confusion or even offend. Plus, a woman likes a man who knows the difference between their, they’re, and there. So make sure that you proofread when you’re sending those sexy snaps.

5. Make use of audio in snap videos.

One way to take your Snapchat sexting to a whole new level is literally talking dirty. Instead of taking the time to type things out, just let the words roll off your tongue instead.

There is something sexy about hearing your lover’s voice in your ear even when you’re not together, so capitalize on this (especially if you have one of those deep, husky voices!).

Just sending a blank video with your voice alone is sexy. But if she’s made it clear that she’s okay with nudes, sending a video of you touching on yourself while talking dirty is sure to send her over the edge.

If you want to give your lady a chance to replay your voice over and over, then you should use the voice memo feature in the chat.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with letting her hear how she’s got you breathing heavy.  And if you’re looking for exclusive snapchat porn, here’s where to find it.