Here’s Where to Find the Best Tickets Online

These days ticket boxes are outdated and the only way to purchase tickets is through the infamous world wide web. Now the problem is which sites are actually giving you a good deal and which sites are scamming you? We researched which sites work and which sites aren’t worth your precious time.

Group On warnings

The first thing you need to know is that not all Groupon’s are created equal. This means that using sites like Groupon and similar you should really check the original pricing of the deal that you are getting. A lot of these sites will lie about original prices in order to make it look like you are getting the best bang for your bike. This is not true in many cases.

For example, a yoga class may be selling individual classes for 30 dollars a month. They may minimize the amount of advertisement that says you are paying less and make the Groupon 85 dollars a month for a group of three. While you are all saving about a dollar, it is likely that the taxes and service fees will end up of equal value to if you had purchased original tickets.

Concerts and games

Stubhub is a site that resells tickets by users. This site is successful for a few reasons and is recommended when looking for tickets to a big event that will have many people attending. Stubhub is also awesome because it is great for users who are looking for tickets that have been sold out on other websites.

The only downside to StubHub is that people often try to upsell their tickets much more than the original price because the event is sold out already. Stubhub thrives off of this and will tax out the ying yang all well because they know that people are ready to buy these and usually already know that they are going to be expensive.

Another positive thing about this site is the fact that they are legit. A lot of second party selling sites are sketchy and allow sellers to use sketchy forms of payment. Stubhub makes sellers upload the tickets prior to selling so that they know that they are legit.


When it comes to flights, sites like Expedia and Travelocity are the way to go. This is because these sites, although maybe not cheaper, have the most oversight of flights.

This means that they can get you your most accurate flight for the best flight versus sites that have less control over their web presence. This is also true when it comes to booking hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts when using these sites.

Overall, when you are looking for tickets online the only right way to go about this task is to take your time researching. Get yourself some snacks and a pen and pencil and sit down in front of your computer comparing and contrasting results.

Although we have the convenience of a search engine, it is not a personal travel planner so just be sure you are doing that part on your own.

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