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Ants Podcast 49 - This Episode Is Not Unpleasurable
With a couple of weeks gone since our last podcast, Joe's obviously had some time to hit the books and brush up on his familiarity with Webster's. The gang talks about these past few shows and goes full-on ESPY's, but without the controversy. Ok maybe there's controversy. Hear our picks for the Dave Matthews Band Summer 2015 tour first segment MVP and so much more! As always, this week's episode is available on Stitcher, which is an awesome app for podcasts if you aren't familiar. If you don't have one of those iPhone things, it's likely the best way to listen on the go! Of course, it's also listed on iTunes as well. Do us a favor and rate & review us on the iTunes store to get us up on top of the charts! Free to share your thoughts in the discussion thread, as well. (Click the comments bubble below) We hope you enjoy this latest episode of the Ants Podcast. Listen:

A Fan Makes a Case for Mercy
We've all seen it at a show, Dave starts strumming those familiar chords and the next thing you know he's sitting behind the piano and 11 minutes later you've checked your email 9 times and texted your mom. That's right, you just heard Mercy. The AntsMarching.org podcast made the case that Mercy is the least popular Dave Matthews Band single. But is it fair? Do fans have it wrong? In another fan-submitted column, Jeff takes a shot at defending Mercy. Give it a read, and see if it can change your opinion of the song.