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DMB to play Letterman
Dave Matthews Band is heading back to David Letterman. The band will perform in May. That is David Letterman's last month of shows. DMB is touring in May - in case you forgot - so it will likely be on an off day. The other question is what will they play? You probably forgot that DMB is allegedly in the studio. And if you believe everything you read on the interwebz the album is done (it's not). But regardless the odds are that you will hear a 'new' song on Letterman sometime in May.

Van Halen to open most of 2015 DMB tour
The big question concerning the Dave Matthews Band 2015 tour has been the format. The Warehouse announced it would indeed be two-sets, but some venues have made it clear that there are opening acts at some shows. We know now how that will shake out. At most shows - not all - [i]Van Halen[/i] will be the opening band for DMB. The classic rockers - which are featuring David Lee Roth on vocals again - have long been DMB fans so this isn't a complete shock. VH has dropped subtle hints recently, from drummer Alex sporting a DMB shirt at a performance to Eddie doing a brief Shake Me Like A Monkey interpolation during Panama at a show in early February. The big question is what songs will they guest on with DMB? Maybe Eddie jamming out on Jimi Thing? A David Lee Roth and Dave duet on Spoon? Only time will tell. The DMB/VH tour starts May 13 in Texas. UPDATE: Yes, this was an April Fool's joke. And not a great one at that. But it worked! Sorry to those that were fooled :/