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2015 Blenheim Painted Series Available for Pre-Order
The Fantastic Blenheim Vineyards is back with their annual Painted Wines series. The 2014 grapes were perfect and the latest batch is sure to please the pallet. As you can see by the design, there's a ryno on the bottle. This year, Blenheim will match dollar-for-dollar ever purchase made during the pre-order and donate that to The African Wildlife Federation's rhinoceros conservation. So unless you're C. Montgomery Burns with your snazzy slippers there's no real reason to not get your pre-order on! The Pre-order ends November 14, so order now! No seriously, now. Each order comes with a limited edition handbill, and there will be 20 randomly selected pre-orders that will receive the handbill autographed by Dave. Order Now if you didn't order 27 words ago!

Live Trax 36 & Record Store Day Coming Soon
Live Trax 36 is from the 2015 tour. Alpine N2 is the latest in the Live Trax release family. The show - which features the triumphant return of Let You Down - is one of the best from the 2015 tour. The crowd was quite lively for the show as well - which included a Thank You performance that was sparked by fans singing it during the outro of #41 (should've chanted Last Stop instead but oh well...). There is a plethora of options at the link above to order, including a DVD of the show. The bonus disc is tracks from n1, and MAKE SURE YOU ORDER FROM The Warehouse so you can get the additional Warehouse member tracks. That's how you can get that fantastic Captain from n1. You are a member of the Warehouse, right? Now would be a good time to join. Seriously. Record Store Day is Black Friday. That's the day after Thanksgiving in case you forgot (you didn't). the DMB contribution this year is Live Trax 5. If you dig the Vinyl camp out at your favorite record store and pick one up!